Flymaster 60 Thread Tan $3.49 Our Flymaster 60 is a great all around thread for most fly tying needs. Great for fly sizes 8 16. 200 yards per spool. Great all around thread Recommended for fly sizes 8 16 200 yards

See text description below Danville's Flymaster 0 Thread is one of the most popular thrads used in Saltwater Flyting or Bigger Freshwater Flies. Danvilles best all round thread for dry flies. One dozen is a box with twelve spools same size. Florescent Yellow. Lightly waxed and in some very nice colours. Flymaster Plus is a all round thread for dry flies. This is a flat thread that does not build up on the hook and that makes very smooth heads on flies. 0 Yard Spools or 00 Yard Spools. And color per box. Danville 0 Flymaster Thread Waxed. Has been measured at just under 0 denier and a breaking strength of 1 oz. Danville Chenille Company Inc. Colours are as follows. Yellow 00 gray 0 1 orange 00 Burnt Orange 01 tan 0 1 brown 0. Danville's Flymaster 0 0 Denier Thread Colour Adams Grey.

Peacock green 1 Culprit Original Worms 10 10 Pack Swamp Juice. Danville 0 Flymaster thread is the choice of thread for more pro tyers then any other thread i know.

Danville Flymaster 0 Nylon Thread 0 Denier Nylon Available in Colors.

Very strong flat multi filament thread with wax. Red Worm Green 0 Light 1 0 Peacock Green 01.

Florescent Orange Luhr Jensen Krocodile Spoon 38 Oz Frog. 00 yards per spool. Flymaster 0.

I picked up a spool of Danville Flymaster in brown to tie some Serendipities and was amazed at how strong smooth and thin this thread goes on the hook. Breaking strength good for jigs poppers and. 1 rolls colored tinsel 0 yds. I tied mostly with Uni threads. Danvilles Flymaster Plus 1 0 Denier Thread Black Sports Outdoors. Florescent Flymaster 60 Thread Tan Blue. 1 rolls of floss. Danville Flymaster Plus threads heavier than Flymaster 0 but with the same high quality smoothness. Spooled Danvilles Flymaster Plus Unwaxed. Danville 0 Flymaster is a high quality thread that is very popular with fly tyers. 00 YD DANVILLE WAXED FLYMASTER 0 0 DENIER THREAD PICK COLOR FLY JIG TYING. Danville Flymaster Plus Thread 100 Yard Spool. Size A thread measuring over 0 denier very strong with about 0 oz. Recently I have gone to Benecchi and Griffith's threads for trout flies. Waxed or No Wax Bomber Model A Crankbait 38 Oz Firetiger. The number on each spool is the number used for ordering.

01 0 0 To stand the test of time products have to be good and flymaster certainly is it's that good we are stocking the full range. The 0 and 00 yard spools are sold by the dozen. Excellent article on thread by Global FlyFisher Types of Fly Tying Thread Fuji Rod Tip Repair Kit Silver Tip Kit. Tan White Yellow Adams Grey Danville 0 Flymaster thread is the choice of thread for more pro tyers then any other thread i know. See text description below Danville's Flymaster 0 Nylon Fly Tying Thread Bass Pro Shops Spring Grub 3 Threadfin Shad. Great value for money. Florescent Green. This thread.

Danville Flymaster Plus 10 denier fly tying thread is very useful for spinning deer hair flies deer hair bass bugs or anywhere you need a very strong fly tying thread or to add bulk to your fly heads.

Thread can be based on Silk Nylon or Polyester materials.

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